Turn an idea into an active project

An idea is a potential project awaiting authorisation to be worked on.

To turn an idea into an active project, you must approve the idea. Approving a project communicates to all viewers of the portfolio that the organisation has decided to proceed with the idea.

Only named users have permission to authorise a project. The project owner controls permissions.

To approve an idea:

  • Enter the portfolio to which your idea belongs.

  • Select the ‘Projects’ tab to see the list of all projects.

  • Select the idea you wish to approve.

You should now be on the ‘About’ tab of the idea.

  • Press the edit button on the top banner.

  • Use the control to APPROVE or DECLINE the idea. If you wish, you can add a text comment to explain the decision.

change project authorisation

  • Press the save icon on the top banner

Any ideas you approve will now be considered an approved project and will contribute to the portfolio totals.

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