Portfolio scenario planning

The purpose of the Portfolio Metrics is to understand the combined value according to the metrics selected.

What if scenario planning is a useful technique to help improve the overall performance by seeing the consequence of activating various ideas and / or freezing active projects.

To scenario plan:

  • Select your portfolio

  • Select the Metrics tab

  • Toggle on the Scenario planning icon.

  • Click on the project or idea you wish to change. You should now see a + / - controls.

Scenario planning

  • Press the + to see the impact of adding including an idea into the portfolio. Press - to see the impact of removing an project from the portfolio.

Note: The scenario does not affect the real state of the project or idea. If you wish to implement a scenario then you must go into each project to change its authorisation.

  • Toggle on the Scenario planning icon to revert back to actuals.

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