Configuring your portfolio

To add, change or remove metrics:

  • Enter your portfolio.

  • Select the Metrics tab.

  • Select the Gear icon on the top banner to take you into configuration mode.

  • Select CHART SETS. These are templates of pre-grouped charts. If you are starting out for the first time you may find it easiest to select the template that is closest to your sector or role, eg. Industrial. If you are more experienced, you may prefer to pick metrics by type, eg. Scorecards. You can select multiple templates.

define portfolio metrics

  • Select CHART SELECTION. This is a list of all the charts included in the selected template(s).

  • Select the specific metrics you wish to use. Charts selected will be highlighted. To remove a chart press again to deselect. You do not have to use all the charts shown. If you want to change this list, return back to CHART SELECTION and chose a different template.

define portfolio metrics

  • Press the Save icon on the banner to save your metrics.

You are able to change the portfolio metrics at any time.

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